Travel to Lausanne

By plane

Geneva airport (GVA) is only 45 minutes away from Lausanne using a car or public transportation. There are trains departing from Geneva Airport every 15 minutes and the train station is located in the airport.

Zurich airport is 2.5 hours away by car and by train. There is also a station in the airport and trains to Lausanne leave roughly every 15 minutes.

By train

Lausanne is well connected by rail to all of Europe (CFF network, EC Direct and TGV from Paris and Milan).

From Geneva airport, you can either

  • take direct trains to Lausanne, and then two metros to the conference venue

  • take slower trains to Renens VD, and take one metro to the conference

The Swiss rail network CFF website can help you calculate your best train itinerary from international destinations.

By car

Lausanne lies at the junction of several major highways. Note the following driving rules:

Highway vignette: Compulsory for using Swiss highways, CHF 40, valid one year, available from post offices and gas stations.

Seat belt: Must be worn in the front and back of the vehicle.

Speed limits: Unless otherwise indicated, default speed limits in Switzerland are 50 km/h in town, 80 km/h outside built-up areas, and 120 km/h on highways.